Trivial Pursuit: Family Edition

Brand: Hasbro Gaming
Type: Classic Board Games
Age Range: 8+
Max Number of Players: 2
Power Needed: N/A
Difficulty Level: Medium
Game Length: Long 30+ Minutes


  • 1 Gameboard
  • 2400 Question-and-answer Cards (1200 for Adults, 1200 for Kids)
  • 2 Card Holders
  • 6 Scoring Tokens
  • 36 Scoring Wedges
  • 1 Die.

DESCRIPTION: Get the family playing Trivial Pursuit together with this special edition of the classic trivia game that features children’s and adult questions. Everyone stands an equal chance. Taking turns to move around the board, players answer on 6 different categories: Geography, Entertainment, History, Sports and Leisure, Arts and Literature, and Science and Nature. For every correct answer, you earn a wedge, and the first player or team to get one of each wins! Showdown mode helps to keep the pace up too, as 2 players compete for a wedge simultaneously.