The Chase

Brand: Ideal
Type: Quiz Board Games
Age Range: 8+
Max Number of Players: 6
Power Needed: Requires 2 X AA Batteries (Not Included)
Difficulty Level: Medium
Game Length: Medium 10 – 30 Minutes

  • Gameboard
  • Chasers
  • Money Tokens
  • Electronic Timer
  • Playing Pieces
  • Question Cards
  • Instruction leaflet

DESCRIPTION: Pit your general knowledge skills against one of the four Chasers, the ruthless quiz geniuses determined to stop you winning at all costs. Start by answering quick-fire questions against the clock to build up your prize fund. Now take that money into The Chase and meet your Chaser – The Beast, The Destroyer, The Governess or The Sinnerman. You must stay one step away from them to win.

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