Pull My Finger

Brand: Jakks Pacific
Type: Action Board Games
Age Range: Check Box
Max Number of Players: 4+
Power Needed: N/A
Difficulty Level: Easy
Game Length: Short 1-10 Minutes


  • Mr Buster Monkey
  • Monkey Base
  • 2x Monkey Butts
  • A Monkey Tail
  • Spinner
  • Instructions

DESCRIPTION: Players take turns spinning the banana spinner, then pull Mr. Buster’s finger the number of times indicated. With each pull his butt inflates more and more until he lets out a great big bottom blast! Whoever avoids the monkey’s funny farts is the winner. Made for 2 or more players, the whole family is sure to have a gas with this game! Suitable for 4 years old and upwards, this is the perfect way to get the family away from their screens and having fun together. Pull my finger is a joke or prank regarding flatulence in which a mark is asked to pull the finger of the joker, who simultaneously farts so as to suggest a causal relationship between the two events. A comparable activity is attributed to a character in a short story by Mordecai Richler (collected in The Street, 1969): “He settled in sullenly at the kitchen table, his smile morose, and suddenly he would call out, “Pull my finger!” If you did he let out a tremendous burp.”