Brand: Hasbro Gaming
Type: Action Board Games
Age Range: 5+
Max Number of Players: 4
Power Needed: N/A
Difficulty Level: Easy
Game Length: Short 1-10 Minutes


  • 30 Marbles (Including 1 Golden Marble)
  • 28 Sticks
  • Lid
  • Kerplunk Bowl
  • Spiral Tower Half With 4 Spirals
  • Spiral Tower Half With 3 Spirals
  • Tube
  • Chute
  • Base

DESCRIPTION: Nail-biting fun that’s gone spiralling mad! Pull out the sticks but don’t dislodge the marbles or they’ll come whooshing down the chute. There are lots of games to play, but the aim of the game is always the same: to finish with the fewest marbles in your tray. Play Ker-Plunked! first, then move on to Golden Ball, Tricksy Trays or Hot Sticks or let your imagination run free – what funky new games can you make up?