Greedy Granny

Brand: Tomy
Type: Action Board Games
Age Range: 5+
Max Number of Players: 4
Power Needed: N/A
Difficulty Level: Easy
Game Length: Short 1-10 Minutes


  • A Granny With Chair
  • Spinner
  • 12 Biscuits

DESCRIPTION: This Greedy Granny Game is sure to give you lots of giggles. She’s not called Greedy Granny for nothing. Greedy Granny loves her biscuits so much she’s fallen asleep with the entire tray on her lap. There are 4 types of biscuits on granny’s tray. The aim of the game is to collect a biscuit of each type. Sounds easy but one wrong move and you could wake granny and send her teeth flying! Will you risk it for a biscuit? Or will your mischievous moves wake Granny? Can you eat granny’s biscuits without her waking up!? This fun game for kids is a real blast. Just lie granny back in her chair and let her doze off, fill her tray with biscuits then spin the wheel. The wheel tells you how many biscuits you need to take, so try and take them carefully off her tray and hope she doesn’t wake up!

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