Brand: Hasbro Gaming,
Type: Classic Board Games
Age Range: 7+
Max Number of Players: 2
Power Needed: N/A
Difficulty Level: Medium
Game Length: Medium 10 – 30 Minutes


  • 2 Portable Battle Cases
  • 10 Plastic Ships
  • 84 Red “hit” Pegs
  • 168 White “miss” Pegs

DESCRIPTION: Do it fast, because they’ll be trying to destroy your fleet at the same time! The game’s realistic naval crafts put you at the centre of some seriously realistic action, and the convenient portable battle cases let you battle on the go. Launch one attack at a time or use the battleship salvo feature to make multiple strikes on your turn! Call your shot and fire in the classic combat of battleship! Battleship and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. Accessory list: includes 2 portable battle cases, 10 plastic ships, 84 red “hit” pegs, 168 white “miss” pegs classic battleship game: kids ages 7 and up can enjoy playing this classic game of naval combat includes 2 portable battle cases: this battleship board game is easy to store and take on the go Head-to-head combat: in this classic battleship game for 2 players, sink an opponent’s ships for the win.